Mark your calendars for Sept. 14-15!

Can't wait until September to hear from some awesome speakers? Join us June 26th at 1p Eastern for The Couch Conference: Between the Cushions...Our $0.02 webinar! You can find more information and register below.

Click here to register for The Couch Conference: Between the Cushions...Our $0.02

The Couch Conference is a 2-day digital summit that gathers the most brilliant thinkers and doers, focused on equipping you to become a better leader, and growing your business. No flashy production, no travel necessary, no business attire. Just YOU, your notes, your favorite screen, and a mindset that is ready to both learn and share!

This year’s theme is RESET. As we all face the unprecedented effects of COVID-19 we view it as an opportunity to reset your mindset, rethink your business strategy, and prepare for what you can do to navigate toward greater success—from the comfort of your living room and favorite sweatpants. Snacks encouraged.

This pandemic will pass, and when it does, is your business ready to succeed?

Our next September 14-15 for The Couch Conference 2020.

Missed The Couch Conference? Find the replays here.

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